EVSIGHT is a tool designed for operational analysis of occurred events based on available information. By combining data from different sources EVSIGHT enables analysts and investigators to quickly evaluate complex sequences of events. The included toolbox allows EVSIGHT-users to present 3D-visualisations, GIS-data and graphs in order to investigate what actually happened, why it happened or how it can be improved.


An analysis based on merged data from various sources are more powerful than individually presented data. Data fusion and data management by EVSIGHT provides a unified overview of the available data giving analysts a high-quality tool. Information can be displayed in graphical overviews of events such as diagrams or timeline charts. EVSIGHT makes decision making clear and fact-based.


How EVSIGHT works

EVSIGHT is based on a unique data model developed over the course of 15 years. The data model works with a large set of algorithms, a graphical visualisation engine and a chart generator in order to successfully process and analyse large amounts of data. EVSIGHT´s ability to combine data independently of its source or technical system makes the data model unique. The tool can easily be applied to users in a wide span of branches.  

Advantages with EVSIGHT


To be able to strengthen operational weaknesses or rectify flaws, they first need to be identified  – EVSIGHT answers the questions of what actually happened and why.

Complex operations

Merging data from various kinds of systems provides clear and structured information –  EVSIGHT makes complex chains of events more understandable.

Holistic view

 Analyses, investigations and operations involves multiple actors, events and systems  – EVSIGHT gives a unified picture of what actually happened.