Your data holds answers and solutions to many of your business challenges. We transform data to knowledge.

By gathering different sources of data, we can help you explain the outcome of your military exercise, where to find a lost ship or establish a reliable time frame in crime. Give us data and we’ll provide knowledge and intelligence.


Collecting data

We gather data from different data sources and systems and fuse them into our software. This allows us to analyse system data that otherwise are designed to detect or attack each other – and view it from a holistic perspective.


Environmental context

By merging data collected from different sources and merge it with geographical and environmental data, our method can securely identify a timeline of occurred events. This allows us to gain knowledge of what happened (or why it didn’t) and what we can do differently.


Knowledge and insights

After we’ve collected and analysed identified data and viewed it from a holistic and relevant context – we can provide knowledge, insight and intelligence. The results are presented in graphs, reports and with a interactive 3D data visualisation.


Experienced consultants that help you understand and deliver. unique method that transforms data to knowledge. A battle tested product for you to use.

In the military, anti-aircraft warfare and aircraft missiles are purposely built to avoid each others. We can gather data from both of them and combine with map data, surveillance data, graphs and anything else relevant to provide good solid intelligence. And we do the same thing in the civil world.

We have developed a unique method in recreating and visualising events. The method is based on the gathering of different types of data from any part of your organisation, products and services.

By merging the different data, we can reconstruct an event and show the bigger picture. The method visualise analytic results that helps our clients identify what actually happened. Our analytical method has successfully been battle tested within the Swedish Armed Forces – but can easily be applied to a wide area of businesses and needs.

Life-saving data analysis

In tracking and rescue operations, the time factor is crucial to the outcome of the operation.

One minute saved can be the difference between whether the outcome will be successful or unsuccessful, and sometimes between life and death. By retrospectively compile, analyze and evaluate events, we can identify possible improvements that will result in more effective future life-saving interventions.



SWEFINEX-16 was a large military exercise performed by Sweden and Finland with the goal of raising the Finnish-Swedish battlegroup’s operational readiness.

The exercise was held in, and around, the land and waters of Gotland, Sweden. The purpose was to deepen the Finnish and Swedish Navy’s ability to participate in international crisis management operations and to develop improve the joint naval ships departmental units and their interaction. These type of exercises really puts the use of combined data to the test.